Tips to Make Yogurt Slim at Home

Dairy products are rich in nutrients and excellent for health because they serve as good sources of calcium and vitamin D. Nowadays there are plenty of ‘healthy drinks’ in the market but slimming yoghurt is one of the best and healthiest drink out there. Here is a simple and delicious recipe of Yogurt Slim.


  • A sachet of yogurt slim (mix berries)
  • Water 150 ml (3/4 cups)
  • Milk 2 cups (optional)
  • Sugar or honey (your preference)
  • Rolled oats 1tsp
  • Nuts (optional)

    Tips on taking Slimming Yoghurt

    • Don’t use hot water, otherwise, the live culture will be killed. Room temperature water will do‼
    • The drink contains high dietary fibre. After drinking, remember to consume more water to smoothly flush out toxic waste from our body.


    1. Pour a sachet of Yogurt Slim
    2. Add 150ml water
    3. Stir or shake well
    4. Chill the yoghurt in the fridge for 1 hour if you enjoy the creamy texture of slimming yoghurt.
    5. Add some oats, chia seeds, nuts and fresh fruit on tops such as strawberry and mango to make it much healthier and more delicious.

    Yogurt Slim is one of the best refreshing drinks loved by many. It provides you with rich proteins for healthy muscles and bones. You can consume slimming yoghurt during breakfast and after dinner.

    On top of its delicious taste, yogurt slim also calms the stomach thanks to its cooling outcomes. Its probiotic content has been recognised as a therapy for numerous digestion-associated issues including gastritis and ulcer. So eat slimming yoghurt on a daily basis and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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