10 fun facts about Yogurt Slim

The concept of frozen yoghurt is fun in itself. Did you know there are many unknown fun facts about this delicious and healthy food? Read the following interesting facts! The next time you eat frozen yoghurt, keep the taste in your mind and share its benefits with your friends and family.

  1. Each sachet of slimming yoghurt equals to the amount of fibre in 3 apples.
  2. Eating 1 boiled egg and 1 sachet of slimming yoghurt for breakfast keeps you feeling full and less hungry. It is your best choice for a nutritious breakfast.
  3. Place your slimming yoghurt in the fridge and let it chill for an hour. You will surely enjoy the texture of delicious yoghurt.
  4. The word yoghurt comes from Turkey and relates to tart and thick milk. However, the history of yoghurt is not related to one specific culture as yoghurt can be found in nearly every culture.
  5. Yoghurt eaters will also get a dose of animal protein and nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-2, and vitamin B-12.
  6. Slimming yoghurt is a probiotic that can boost the immune system, help in weight loss and reduce the risk of cancer.
  7. Slimming yoghurt is not only delicious and healthy food, but it also contains a large amount of lactic acid that promotes healthy pores and keeps your skin glowing and beautiful.
  8. People can use a wide range of ordinary, delicious and fruity yoghurts.
  9. One-pot of slimming yoghurt (150g) can keep your body healthy and fit because it is packed with nutrients.
  10. Yoghurt is a healthy diet and also helps improves children’s bones health, so consume slimming yoghurt daily and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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